Wednesday, August 31, 2011

31 August 2011: Threads

News from Home Park after all the champagne-popping nothingness of last week?

Not much. Except:

Wages not paid. They were promised to be paid. Administrator (probably) becomes responsible for wages at midnight tonight, although not legally until 14 September.

Sparksy just tweeted: "EGM on 8 Sep to disband the Shareholders' Association"

And a couple of injury-prone players have joined on loan! Could be the shortest loans in the history of the game... more as it happens.

Friday, August 26, 2011

26 August 2011: Extended

No longer a rumour: the administrator has yet again officially extended the deadline for Kevin Heaney to find some money down the back of the sofa with which to buy Plymouth Argyle. Everything is in order, he says, just doing legal paperwork now, and he's satisfied that Heaney has the money.

So, yet again, no actual money has changed hands. Follow the money, that's the key here... and we've seen none so far.

Late Tuesday appears to be the new date. When presumably it'll all be moved again.

Weird thing is that there is no longer anything legally binding to stop the Administrator talking to James Brent and the contingency plan now. But you can bet you bottom dollar he won't - there appears no interest in actually saving the club for the Administrator (who isn't even in Plymouth today, he's in Sheffield), rather saving face by continuing to give his ridiculous Preferred Bidder every chance to complete.

That said, if Heaney does come up with 6 million quid all of a sudden, then I'll happily be proved wrong and glad that there's still a football club in Plymouth.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

24 August 2011: Birthday

Apologies for lack of posts.

About 30 minutes after that one about the sheep-pig, we got a phone call saying Gloria's younger sister had died in a car accident. We've been to Texas and back since, and the process is slow and painful, but thanks to all for the kind words, thoughts and prayers.

Other stuff seems mundane and certainly less important, although today marks a year since little Hannah Elise came into our lives. Hard to believe that a year ago we were in 14-hour labour ending in c-section, and this screaming, pooping (seriously, three times on that little table while they weighed and measured her) red newborn is now walking around, eating with a fork, saying 'noooo' (among about six other words), putting a backpack on by looping the strap over her head (that's a cute one to see, showed my mum on Skype this morning and she was impressed) and about to dive into a panda bear cake on Saturday when we have some people over.

Plymouth Argyle may not last that long. The Administrator has continued to go past deadline after deadline for the 'Preferred Bidder' (despite taking said bidder to court a couple of weeks ago, only to be shown the door due to loopholes in the S&P Agreement), meaning that this Friday could be the final deadline where the Preferred Bidder fails (because he is a chancer with no money) and where the actual, real, bid - the one by the supporters trust, the fans groups, and more importantly Plymouth City Council and an actual millionaire supporter (one James Brent of Akkeron) - yes, a real bid, may be given less than 24 hours to complete a deal that the tyre-kicking preferred bidder has had six months to do and has failed to do so.

Unless Mr Brent is willing to pull out the chequebook and sign his life away, there's a good chance this might be it for Argyle. We'll see. The fans are on a vigil outside Home Park until either Saturday's game (or the announcement of liquidation). Not important really, not compared to the first paragraph of this post, but sad to see.