Friday, November 26, 2010

26 November 2010: Winding-Up

In Louisiana right now as Gloria's dad in hospital. Praying for good outcome of heart surgery early next week.

Meantime went on BBC website and mildly surprised to see the story 'Plymouth Argyle Handed Winding-Up Order'. Mildly, because I thought it would happen after England fail to get the 2018 World Cup hosting spot next week. Also see that Peter Ridsdale was in talks, this after being spotted twice in a week in the director's box at consecutive Argyle matches (one home, one away) and the club stating that it was sheer coincidence and he was just attending games.

Why couldn't they just do NCND (neither confirm nor deny)? Why do the current board feel it's both acceptable and necessary to outright lie to the fans and media without even a hint of shame about it? We all knew there was stuff going on. But that's the current board - who last week moved from the original claim of takingf us to the Premiership and 'we don't do failure' down to 'committed to ensuring the survival of the club'. Naturally, no actions to back those words up and now we're up the Pompey creek. And after Pompey got away with it so brazenly earlier in the year, HMRC are after blood.

This won't be pretty.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

23 November 2010: President

So after much kerfuffle and the usual Kokomo prospect of unannounced road closures, the day arrived.

The new Irish pub opened to the public at 11am today. Over-21s only, so no Hannah.

Oh, and at 11.30 the President and Vice-President were due to arrive. Rumour was that the VP will get here first (presumably so he can open the doors or something?) and they'd go for a nice downtown Kokomo lunch. Which, frankly, left their options limited since the Ice Cream place has closed for the winter: there's Jamie's Soda Fountain (traditional-style burger and hand-pumped Coca-Cola type place and the only downtown eaterie to survive the recession) along with newcomers Baja Burritos, 'Hoops' (kind of a bar/restaurant thing in the Chili's/Applebee's mould) and of course the new Irish pub, which opened 30 minutes prior to the President's supposed arrival time.

What a coincidence! Opening the same day the President arrives! I wonder which downtown establishment he was planning to go to ... ? Especially as O'Bama likes all things Irish.

In practice, what seemed to happen was that they arrived late, flashed past us (with Obama waving, which was nice of him), went to the Fire Station (where he had sandwiches and crisps for lunch) and headed straight back out of town. And we were all waiting for him to walk up to the downtown square for lunch.. but off they went with their flashing lights into the distance. And that was that.

Still, the streaming video seemed to work to some extent. Could benefit from stimulus funding, of course...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

18 November 2010: Visit

President Obama and Vice-President Biden are to visit Kokomo next Tuesday.

Why? They looking for new jobs with Chrysler or something?

I'll see what I can do about live streaming these exciting events on here. Rumour of a downtown lunch, which will be interesting as most of the downtown eateries closed. Maybe he'll go to the new Irish pub, rumoured to be opening this week or next.

Shame he didn't come last year, he could have seen the Christmas lights. He'll be bummed when he finds out they're not going to be here this year.