Wednesday, October 13, 2010

13 October 2010: Grinch

The Grinch - partially me, in this case (it seems) - has stolen Christmas and ruined it for all of Kokomo's children.

Thus reports the Kokomo Perspective today that despite County Commissioner Dave Trine approaching the maker of the red-eyed T-Rex and the Loch Ness Monster, the maker refused to allow Trine to put up the same lights display as last year at the courthouse here in Kokomo. From that report:

"It wasn’t the kids complaining. Residents mocked the displays on film and posted them online They flamed Internet message boards with criticism. They called the commissioners and gave them an earful. The discord over the displays even made national news."

Mocked? I thought I was very supportive, even to the point of explaining everything to the viewer to avoid confusion.

From later in the report:

"The problem the county now faces if it wants to put lights on the lawn is finding something that the community won’t reject while also adhering to the law and avoiding unnecessary expense. As Trine explained last year, a religious display on public property could put the county in a legal battle. And there is no line-item in the budget for Christmas lights of the Santa Claus or Frosty the Snowman variety."

Despite the fact there is no legal basis for disputing any display on County property (next county along is Miami county and they do it every year: such legal restrictions on separation of church and state apply ONLY to Federal property), the reasoning appears to be: (1) we're not allowed to do religious stuff and (2) snowmen are expensive.

I leave a pause for you to add your own thoughts.


Commissioner Dave Trine is seeking re-election this November.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

9 October 2010: Six weeks

Hannah's six weeks old now. Seven on Tuesday. Smiling sometimes (and not always due to relieving gas) and as the below photos show, she's changing.

Not sure what to make of the mat.

Trying out the baby front-pack.

That hat's a little too large.

'You going to make me go out like this?'

She'll grow into it...

Nap time...

Dreaming of Tunnock's Caramel bars.

Sleeping cutie.

Bath time - in a hammock!

Ooo, are you taking my photo?

I'd better smile, then...

Won't be long until I'm crawling...

Me and my giraffe buddy

Yeah, I can sit up.

Nice quilt! Has an Aylesbury feel to it.

OK, but if I have to wear it, where's lunch?

Well guarded at nap time.

This is actually Hannah's passport photo (they cropped it a bit).

Ella, the girl Gloria looks after, is fond of Hannah.

"Ha-NAH! Ha-NAH!"

Looking after two? No problem.

Hard to believe Ella used to be this small. (Actually, she wasn't).

Baby dedication at church last Sunday.

Six weeks old and happy to be here!