Tuesday, September 14, 2004

14 September 2004: Oxygen

There was me getting all worried about the car accident last week where the guy smashed into the back of me, and then all that business with Rob and the Council Tax. How petty! Some people in this world have far greater troubles. The US cricket team, for instance. Or Fabrice Fernandes.

And those outside this world have even more problems.

CNN reports that the oxygen generation machine on board the International Space Station has broken, leaving the two guys up there - a Russian and an American - without their main source of breathable air. CNN seems to delight in reporting that it is a Russian unit that has failed, but more worrying were the responses of the NASA spokespeople.

"It's nothing to worry about," said Rob Navias, Night-Shift Spin-Controller at NASA, "We're all fat on oxygen. Anyway, if we run out of oxygen, we're hopeful the two astronauts will be able to mutate into fish, and they'll be able to live in the enormous swimming pool we're putting into the International Space Station next week. Wibble wobble. Time for the orange pills, I think."

A better bet would be to send them into Furry Gelf Space and see if they can trade the Russian guy for a replacement unit, like they did on Red Dwarf.

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