Tuesday, December 07, 2004

7 December 2004: Rumour

So the rumour was false, Glenn Hoddle has taken over as manager of Wolves instead of Saints.

Which means a number of things.

  1. St Nick from The Ugly Inside has to eat some humble pie as he said he had inside info that Hoddle would be appointed at St Mary's today.
  2. The fans on SaintsForever are now extremely worried that there'll either be no management appointment or, worse, that it will be a man named Houllier. Frankly, I'd take Houllier right now.
  3. Harry Redknapp rumours continue to roll on, rather like Andrex toilet paper.
  4. Steve Wigley is still Saints 'Head Coach', meaning the team have in charge of them a man with no motivational or tactical abilities, and who himself admits he never wanted to do this for a living. Presumably he... wanted to be... a LUMBERJACK!
  5. Saints remain firmly entrenched in the relegation zone and could well be playing Hull City next season.

As much as Rupert never makes public statements these days (which is extremely out of character), you get the impression he is trying to say "there's no pressure on Wigley, we're not looking at any other managerial options."

If, Woops, it is true that you are not looking at other managerial options, can I ask just one question? Why on earth not?

Final point: looking back to August, I remember pointing out Paul Sturrock's record in his first thirteen matches, which got him the sack: Won 5, Drawn 2, Lost 6. Points 17.

Steve Wigley's first fourteen games: Won 1, Drawn 6, Lost 7. Points 9.

But of course that doesn't include our magnificent Coca-Cola Cup run, where we scrambled our way past Northampton and a come-from-behind struggle against Colchester, only to be humiliated - utterly humiliated - by the Mighty Hornets of Watford.

Time to sort it out Rupert - if, in fact, you actually care. Which I suspect you don't.

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