Friday, August 12, 2005

12 August 2005: Losing

++++ All the latest from Leaside Way as Bulldog continue their strident efforts to lose another customer ++++

Our phone still doesn't work, of course, and nobody has got back to us within 48 hours. The funny thing is, when I phoned up their support desk, I spoke to the same guy as on Wednesday - he remembered my name too, perhaps meaning there is some small value in having a name you always have to spell out over the phone.

Phone tech support:
"I'll make a new ticket for you. I'll mark it urgent. Someone will get to you within 48 hours."
- If they don't?
"I'll follow it up myself on Monday and check the progress."
- What about wednesday's ticket?
"We don't have access to the database. You'll need to call customer support for that."
- OK.

Customer support:
Got through at 4.23pm, on hold.
Answered at 4.48.
"Just checking... All your tickets are closed, which means the problems have been resolved."
- Really? That's strange, because our phone still doesn't work.
"I'll just have to put you on hold a moment."
"Well, they've closed all the tickets. They may still be working on the problem, to find out you'd have to phone technical support."
- What number is that?
"Same number as you dialed, option two."
- They're the people I called earlier, they said they don't have access to the database.
"Well, their database is more detailed than ours, so they can tell you what's going on."
- They said they can't do that.
"Not my problem."
- OK, thank you.

Although I paraphrase slightly, the man was still quite rude. Glad it's an 0800 number and they're paying for the call.

So, given that we won't go back to Pipex, has anyone got any suggestions for an ADSL company with a decent deal for unmetered 1Mbps access?


A Dad to Be,,,, said...

Try KPN over here in Holland - no problems at all.

Lisa said...

Just wanted to say hello. Hope you're doing well. :)