Monday, October 31, 2005

31 October 2005: Charts

Westlife hit number one with their new exciting hit "You raise me up".

I refer interested parties and Selah fans to the blog I wrote a few weeks ago. And no, they didn't even bother doing the second verse. My feelings have changed a little since writing that blog: at the time I wasn't sure what to think about Westlife hijacking the song for the mainstream market, now I get the impression they've made the song feel quite cheap and plastic. Particularly given the fact it's a song you can really belt out, and they choose not to. Ah well.

Meantime us Mountbatten/Zepler building residents need to head in to the uni at 10.30 today for a meeting where we'll be told the latest situation regarding the fire and the contingency plans in place. The antibiotics are starting to kick in, so I'll wrap up and head in, find out how bad it really is, and where we all go from here. Last media reports suggest half of Mountbatten is completely gone, but the admin section more-or-less survived intact, and Zepler is fine: AKT may have fared better than a lot of the other groups, some of whom will have lost everything.

Anyway, better shower up, pop another amoxycillin and head in.

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