Tuesday, March 28, 2006

28 March 2006: Onwards

An update on numerous issues relating to this blog seems a good idea:

Iraqi blogger Riverbend (see my blog from last May for more details) is up for the Samuel Johnson prize for non-fiction. Good for her! One of the more interesting and readable blogs, Riverbend's was also one of the blogs I found harder to extrakt from, due apparently to a wider-than-average vocabulary. Sadly, Ahmed didn't make the shortlist. And his is my favrouite blog, too.

Harry's move to Pompey was nicely swept under the carpet earlier in the year but today on SaintsForever, Steve Grant (a board moderator, no less) made the following statement:

He [Harry Redknapp] shares ownership of a racehorse with a Spurs director. The same Spurs director who made s**tloads of money on the betting for Redknapp to become manager of Pompey last year.

Interesting, if potentially libelous. What's your source, Steve?

Elsewhere, marathon fever grips Southampton as Kevin and I continue our relentless training drive towards April 23. Well, actually we've just done a bit of running (Kevin a bit less than me due to a dodgy knee last week) - last week the long run was 17 miles, this week it will be 21. After that the 'taper' begins - easing back the training. A wise professor named Dave Cliff told me this morning "the only thing you can do in training in the final two weeks is injure yourself". Sounds like permission to slob out and eat doughnuts to me. Remember, you too can be part of the 2006 London Marathon: sponsor me by clicking here and look out for my dodgy shorts...

Photo: Matthew Evans

And finally, yes, this week there's a bunch of us off to Texas to see me get married. Gloria has insisted I don't wear the shorts to the wedding. I'm thinking of wearing them underneath the tuxedo trousers. Just don't tell her, ok?

Happy Holidays!

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