Tuesday, September 05, 2006

5 September 2006: Brink

Forget Lebanon. A humanitarian "man-made catastrophe of an unprecedented scale" is about to break out in Africa.

Yup, that's right. Darfur again. Over three years since it all kicked off, the first two of which saw the world do absolutely-flippin-nothing about it apart from some serious-looking shaking of heads, and now the African Union peacekeepers are being kicked out, the UN aren't being allowed in and the Sudanese government are going right back to their military backing for the Janjaweed Arab militias in their ethnic cleansing efforts against the local black population.

But hey, it's a sovereign nation, there's nothing the world outside can do to stop genocide, is there?

Note: interesting to read some of the American press on this stuff: apparently the UN's inability to act is all because they're too busy actively supporting Hezbollah and Iran. The whole world's a conspiracy, isn't it?

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