Sunday, June 10, 2007

10 June 2007: Doctor

Very little time to blog this morning as we're off to London on the yes-you-can-actually-go-to-London-for-one-pound Megabus. And the eucalyptus tree is to start being chopped down this morning so I need to get some photos of that before it goes to remember just how disproportionally huge it is compared to the garden and house we're currently renting.

But it's probably important to note a milestone event in this AKTing Lark which took place on Friday morning, a 'viva voce' meeting between three professors and myself at which, subject to minor revisions, my thesis was successfully defended (somewhat vigorously at a couple of points) and thus I became Doctor Duncan. Got to turn the whole thing round and get the final hard-bound versions handed in by June 26 in order to graduate this year, but the wonders of email, word-processing and laser printing mean this is actually a relatively simple process, give or take going to London/London/Norway (as is happening this week, and yes London is deliberately mentioned in that list twice).

I'm not totally sure of the implications of this successful outcome for the rest of my life but graduation will take place at a ceremony on 23 July, at which I expect to receive my Tardis.

Happy days!

Postscript: What kind of dictionary does Blogger use such that the spellcheck function doesn't recognise 'Tardis'?


Nick Gibbins said...

Congratulations - I was going to try and find you/Nigel on Friday afternoon, but you'd both vanished, and he's yet to send the traditional email...

Anonymous said...

I still haven't got the hang of German anyway... thats an aside, just means I'm guessing which button to click.

Congratulations, you've got an appendectomy and a liver transplant to do on Tuesday, other than that it's a light day.

While you're at it you could dish out prozac like smarties to some youths.


Dr McDoug

andy said...

congratulations mate!
really glad to hear that you got there...
be blessed