Sunday, April 27, 2008

27 April 2008: Copycat

There's a TV commercial doing the rounds quite heavily over here at the moment:

Those of you from the UK might well look at that and respond: "Say, that somehow reminds of some other adverts I've seen over the last couple of years..."

Compare and contrast:

I've done some minimal Googling but can't yet find any reference to links between the two, but it all seems a little suspicious to me, even down to the use of the English accent in the Tropicana commercial. (Although it's interesting to note how many English accents are used in adverts here, Geico probably being the most common). If anyone know if it's the same agency doing it, I'd be mildly curious to know.

After all, this is not just a blog. This is an M&S blog. (McRae and Spencer, right?)


Becky Swanwick said...

Technically, that's an Irish voice on the M&S ads. It's Dervla Kirwan, erstwhile star of Ballykissangel.

Don't ask me how I know that. My head is stuffed full of similarly useless pieces of trivia.

Struan said...

Hey hey - sorry not to write sooner, I've had HDD problems and my entire address book went - just a quick note to say thanks loads for the birthday gifts they are AMAZING. wearing the hat right now as I "revise" in the "library" (taping up my socks ready for fooooootball). thanks guys! hope to see you over the summer,

Anonymous said...

I like this one....


Anonymous said...

I mean... was there ever any doubt it was in china?

no really the ones with the baby are much better