Tuesday, November 03, 2009

3 November 2009: Champion

This blog is about many things, and one of the emerging features this year has been my occasional transcendence into the realm of Amateur Butcher. Not content with having a big cleaver knife with which to cut up chickens, I've also dabbled in sausage making and, as soon as a supply of cure #1 arrives tomorrow, a little bacon curing too.

But the master if the art, as you will know if you read the previous blogs or clicked the link above, is Simon Broadribb from Uptons of Bassett in Southampton. And now, not content with winning Champion Sausage and all manner of other national UK butcher awards, he's had a short film made about him and his bangers, including the process (but notably not the recipe or the quantities... I guess you have to go in and ask for those in person...)

And don't forget, it's British Sausage Week all week, even here in Kokomo. Better get down to Country Choice and get some more sausage skins...

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