Thursday, January 28, 2010

28 January 2010: Barefoot II

Becky points out the following news story:

Shoes may have changed how we run

Conclusions: barefoot running is better for the body and prevents injuries because it makes you run differently, although transitioning to it takes time because of the extra use of calf muscles and achilles tendon. Well well well.

I refer readers to this blog back in August, to the least popular of my three YouTube videos and to just about anything on Doug's blog to do with running shoes. Frankly they could have saved a lot of research money and just read about it on the blogosphere.

Talking of research, for those who haven't seen it or for whom it doesn't seem massively important, the little OPSI project I used to work on while at Southampton Uni has now turned into a website called, where you can SPARQL your way through endless grey shoals of government data and maybe, just maybe, people are going to make interesting visualisations.

Makes you wonder what you could do with, say, other types of data held by public bodies? (Answer: use 4Store, at the very least).


Becky said... - is that the thing Tim Berners-Lee is involved with?

DuncMcRae said...

Yup. Link to BBC news story, and here's an interesting Guardian article that's related to the overall topic: