Thursday, May 20, 2010

20 May 2010: Important

A recent dinner visit by some British friends brought up an old debate. No, not tax-funded healthcare, the existence of a deity or even whether toilet roll goes over or under. Simply this: we made scones and clotted cream, and with jam supplied by Betty's of York, it was time to find out whether our guests were jam-first or cream-first people.

I am jam-first. Gloria is cream-first. Our guests were equally split 50-50, along with the comment "never really thought about it." Which is how most people are, I believe.

And then on to the BBC news site today and they even have a video story about it - click here to see it and I believe that if you're in the UK you can watch it without having to see a commercial for a train company first. Those people - interviewed up on Dartmoor on a terribly misty, cold day (ie summer) - were split evenly too.

So here's the question: jam first, or cream first? (You can also say why if you want).

Postscript: Becky comments that Argyle are selling their best player (they only have one worth selling, at least they did until he left this week) and saying "no, there are no plans to go into administration" and wondering if something might be up. I wouldn't say anything other than Michael Heseltine used to somewhat famously go round saying he wouldn't run for Conservative Party leader, before doing so on at least two occasions. Expect administration pretty soon. Not because of illegal doings or anything, just relegation and a divided board who have refused to put any money into the club, despite their having plenty.


Becky S said...

How very odd, this actually came up at work today! Someone on the team suggested scones would be a good idea for an afternoon snack and duly purchased the appropriate ingredients from M & S. I was THE ONLY ONE who had them the proper way, i.e. cream first. One swift google later, and we discovered that cream then jam = Devon whereas jam then cream = Cornwall. I was genuinely surprised to find there was any other way of doing it. To my mind, the cream is like a butter substitute so obviously goes on first. So, there you go - the things you find out on a boring Friday at work on the first proper hot and sunny day of the summer!

Rob said...

Cream first, absolutely.

If only for practical reasons; cream on jam slides off easily wheras jam on cream sits nicely.

Next one then.. "scoanes" or "scons" ?

Allie said...

You put the jam on first? Yuk. It goes all crumby and dry and horrid. You must put cream first - although we had this debate at Flora's christening yesterday and Auntie M does the jam first too.