Wednesday, August 25, 2010

24 August 2010: Hannah Elise

That's Hannah Elise McRae-Spencer, 8lbs 7.4oz, 20.5 inches long, delivered by c-section on Tuesday afternoon. I write this on the 25th but her birthday is the 24th, so that's the date of this blog entry.

Long old day it was too. After fifteen hours of Braxton-Hicks (ie false) contractions on Sunday, the baby went through a crazy wriggling phase on Monday. Then at bedtime - around 10.15pm to be precise - on came the real thing. Four hours later we were on our way down to the hospital in Carmel, where measurements occurred and progress was made.

But progress stalled. Dilation moved from 5cm to 7cm but no further - the goal is 10cm. The pain increased rapidly, but the progress did not. Eventually the pain was so bad the epidural was needed, and was successfully administered. But then - dramatically, almost - progress. 10cm happened. Baby's head on the way out. Time to push.

Two and a half hours later, still pushing but again zero progress. Doctor suspects baby is head-down but facing upwards. Weird, because we knew she's been face-down (correct position) for at least five weeks prior to this. But... if she was face-up, then it would be harder to her to come out, and given the lack of progress in two and a half hours, quite possibly not going to happen. Chances of natural birth at this point? We asked the doctor. Very low, she said.

C-section it is then.

So I wrapped up in a spaceman uniform and went in to witness the event. They worked quick, very quick, and there at 4.32pm local time was Hannah Elise (although it took a few minutes to make a final call on the name). No shortage of brown hair - she actually could do with a trim! - and as they whisked her over to the measuring units, I followed with video camera and ordinary camera. And this began the set of photos on Gloria's facebook and also here...

Postscript: The doctor says that she was indeed face up. The best explanation we have is the crazy wriggling phase on Monday must have allowed her to roll over. But she's here, she's safe, Gloria's safe too and that's all we're concerned about.


Nick Gibbins said...

Congratulations to the three of you! She looks to be a bonny wee thing - here's hoping that you're all managing to get some sleep.

Nick Gibbins said...

Also, I assume that's your father who is trying to inculcate an early love for Tunnock's Caramel Wafers. I heartily approve.

Dawn Floyd said...

Many congratulations, great photo's she is adorable. Glad to hear that Mum & Hannah are doing well. All our love, The Floyds

DuncMcRae said...

Thanks Nick and Dawn! Sleep happens when possible, although as I write this I'm at home with the two grandpas, and Gloria and her grandmother (Mimi) are still at the hospital, officially because they want me to get sleep but in reality because Mimi wants to be with the baby! I'll be back in tomorrow and stay until we're dismissed on Friday.

Yes, that's my father offering the Tunnock's. Scots through and through. I'm told my younger sister's first solid food was part of a Tunnock's bar.

Dawn - you and your family will be pleased to know that we plan her first food to be home-made clotted cream or possible a sausage. Hope Joanne has similar plans for your soon-to-arrive niece!!

wjlanesr said...

Congrats!! And might I say that Hannah is a WONDERFUL name! I see a picture of your dad...would love to see him sometime. Your daughter is beautiful.

Jeff Lane

Rob said...

Congratulations Mr Duncan! Although you look more tired than Glo in those photos!

Hannah looks really adorable, I bet you can't wait until you are all home.

How many months before you get her eating curries?