Friday, February 18, 2011

18 February 2011: Argyladministration

After so long with no blogs, and much to discuss, the first blog for ages is naturally about football...

Rumours out of Home Park this afternoon are that a Board Meeting took place and the decision was made to place the club into administration. Don't know who the administrations are (better not be Andy Android) and further rumours are it's pre-packed admin - ie a buyer has been found, provided the debts are reduced. And HMRC have been paid for the most part, so they won't have more than 25% of the debts.. so a CVA should be possible (see earlier Pompey discussions for how Pompey cheated their way around that one).

Watch this space. Or Pasoti, for better inside info than you'll get here...

Update: Peter Ridsdale denies Argyle 'are in' administration but it seems very carefully-worded. Hints now at end-of-day today or at the latest, Monday. There's another tax bill due on Tuesday. Either way, it's all kicking-off... Argyle relegated again no doubt due to points penalty... hopefully can stay in the league next year. And yet less than a year ago we played a league game against Newcastle, currently in the Premiership.

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