Thursday, September 01, 2011

1 September 2011: Strike

Plymouth Argyle senior players now threatening strike action over not being paid in ten months. Although there are so few senior players now it may not amount to much of a team change for Saturday.

Elsewhere, rumours abound: ex-Chairman Paul Stapleton seen back at Home Park, could he be part of the BIL consortium? Peter Reid (this one actually reported directly on Sky Sports News) asked Brendan Guilfoyle what happened to the gate money, season ticket money and transfer fees, and Brendan replied he wasn't sure and would get back to him. And, interestingly, a rumour that BIL have pulled out altogether - but James Brent still hasn't received a phone call.

The main thing seems to be that wages went unpaid despite full assurances that money was definitely coming this month. Implying that not only has the BIL money not arrived (well, what a surprise) but that the income from four (4) home matches in August has vanished.

More as it happens.

Update 11.50am EDT: Rumour is that Brendan Guilfoyle has either been pulled off the case, put on gardening leave or something similar by the senior partners at P&A. Not sure what this means for the club (if true) but the stench around Guilfoyle has been becoming unbearable.

Update 12.45 EDT: Matt Slater reports that the administrators (Guilfoiyle or otherwise) have opened talks with James Brent, while continuing to talk to BIL. About time, too.

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Kevin Sawers said...

On the bright side, though, Southampton have started the season very well...