Thursday, March 15, 2012

15 March 2012: Quick

Got five minutes, so wanted to post a couple of things. First, this headline, taken straight from the BBC News website this afternoon:

"Legal challenges against the scrapping of a tax loophole that allowed the Channel Islands to sell low value goods VAT-free fail."

Now I don't mind that Jersey used to offer VAT-free goods, or that this was due to a legal loophole, or that said loophole was to be scrapped or that there was a legal challenge against said scrapping or indeed that said legal loophole had failed. What I objected to was that I had to not only read the sentence four times, but actually work it out piece by piece to figure out what it was saying and determine if it meant things would be cheaper or not. (Answer = "not cheaper").

And secondly, looks like the Save The Hobbit campaign, which got support from the likes of Stephen Fry and Ian McKellan (Gandalf himself, of course), has succeeded. Hurrah! Not that I get to go there much these days, but there's something reassuring about knowing that not all unique pubs go the way of the Old Black Cat.

Happy Thursday. Time for another meeting.

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Becky S said...

Wot no blog on Argyle staying the the football league? Was v. grateful to them for securing safety a bit early, so I was actually able to enjoy going to the Cheltenham game!