Monday, June 21, 2004

21 June 2004: Nine Month Report

As the first draft hits the fan, I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to see just how incomprehensible my technical writing has become during my first nine months as a PhD student. I'm not sure, but I think progress as a researcher can be measured out in terms of increasing incomprehensibility, so I left a copy of my report lying around the house for random perusal and feedback.

Read your report, says Kevin. Didn't get much beyond the abstract.
But the abstract made sense? I enquire.
No, replies Kevin, but I thought it might get easier as it went on. It didn't.

Didn't get the bit about document repo-whatsits, says Rob shortly afterwards.
But isn't it interesting how academics always cite themselves? I ask.
Yeah, that too, says Rob, now will you let me watch my Dark Angel DVD in peace?

So, no impact there. But is the abstract really so abstract? You decide. I stuck it through the Babelizer for fun, and this is what came out:
The liquid semantics of the extremity in d'enchaînement, that one that adds meant that semantic deep the monetary acts you have been pleasant comprehensible him a machine, wishes the champion and the inscatolano dell'argomentazione of the tools the knowledge that the useful crude oil of l information extrapolates. The knowledge of the technologies of the game the one main part during this process and many of the techniques has been developed already. This report/ratio is concentrated in l utility of the techniques that of demanipulation of s'appliquer, that one he advance with the field of the networks of the citation in the immense scale, within me placed it of the reference of the arrested interior original of l'enchaînement will have been regulated frequently. The this avançées also the data with the launching of the technician of the problems of l'enchaînement, that one are to him the increases with semantic, this type of Verweisl integrity, but to fill with, that know to the efficient form of d'enchaînement l'intradosso of the semantic uses that 'maps', the aids not only the technologies of the knowledge; you scientific discipline or same stampini of the Korporation of the qualifications. The networks of the citation in the immense scale are some monetary deep one worked him, that one that obtain behind the knowledge, that d'applications in the semantic context of the network has much: this report/ratio describes the immediate challenges exactly, because being arranged and one that is seen of the possible uses, that emerges, poichè this extended field is developed.

I like the bit about stampini of the Korporation. I picture an Italian guy, kind of like Roy of the Rovers but in a commercial setting.

Roll on the football.

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