Friday, October 22, 2004

22 October 2004: Gibson

The Blog Is Back.

And don't you forget it.

Also, a discussion concerning the contents of said blog has emerged on the WGB, even though it's turned into something of a kamgod reunion what with Trogdor re-appearing on the scene.

And as I'm saying there, and in previous blog entries here, I'm discovering that I'm actually quite an a-political person. At least as far as party politics go. I've a number of socially-justicey-leaning bones in my body, and I'm in favour of inequalities being tackled proactively by government (this means I'm quite left-of-centre). But then, I'm anti-abortion, I believe in absolute definitions of right and wrong, and I drive a car (sometimes), things which (I'm told) make me right-of-centre. Actually, I'm neither, but I do get hacked off at one thing in particular.

Politicians who lie, and media who simply go along with it.

As I said before, both Fox News and Michael Moore are as much to blame as each other in this, and if elected, Al Gore would have been at least as slimy and spin-centred as Cheney et al have proved to be recently. Surely not, I hear moderates say.

"I took the initiative in creating the Internet," said Gore.

No you didn't.

But don't get me started on that.

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Sarahbelle said...

I don't know which is worse - a politician who lies or one who can't make up his/her mind and either doesn't give a definitive answer on the issue asked or leaves out critical information. I think initially I would say the latter is worst of the two evils because let's face it - everyone knows and has somewhat grown accustomed to politicians lying. However I find it much more frustrating when I can't get a straight or sensible answer out of someone...doesn't matter who they are! In our current presidential race here in the U.S. one of the platforms of the Democratic party has been to get big companies & corporations back here in the United Stated and bring back jobs to Americans. However they fail to mention that their candidate's wife is owner of the Heinz corporation (most famous for their ketchup) and they do not have a single factory here in the U.S. Now perhaps the Dem. candidate does not support this move on the part of his wife and he really does have a plan to turn things around, but I've yet to hear one. Not to say that I'm completely out in Right field because I like things about both sides and therefore declare myself Independent...but for being a Political Science major, politics drives me bonkers sometimes! :)