Friday, February 11, 2005

11 February 2005: Dropped

The Virginia State Senate have reversed the pants decision.

Can you believe it? It's all due, apparently, not to legal problems with the bill, or criticisms of it from legislators, but simply because the world's media got hold of the story and are using it to ridicule Virginia. Which seems as sound a reason to decide on a law as any.

"Say, Mr Blair, I don't think enforced national identity cards are a good idea because they make the people answerable to the state, and not the other way around."
"Ah, but security, you see."
"But Mr Blair, what about civil rights? What about privacy laws? When did my DNA and eye-retina data become property of the state?"
"Well, security, you see."
"Hold on Mr Blair, the Port Vila Recorder in Vanuatu is using this story to make fun of Britain."
"WHAT? Reverse the bill, Mr Clarke, reverse it before it's too late!"

Tony wouldn't do that, of course. He's too busy trying to look uncomfortable on Richard and Judy to get involved with political debate. This is an election year, after all. (Isn't it?)

Final note: I returned to Veteran's League action today after many months off with the mystery virus, and we won, albeit with some rather cynical time-wasting towards the end. Saints could learn much.

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