Wednesday, February 09, 2005

9 February 2005: Underwear

The Virginia Legislature has spoken. If your underwear can be seen in public in Virginia, for instance when you bend over and your trousers move slightly down (the same action that leads to the phenomenon known as 'builder's bum') you will be fined $50.

In a move designed to tackle baggy trousers that often allow underwear to be seen, the legislators are hoping to set a trend that the rest of the world will follow. Apparently, those against the new law are complaining on a racial level - young black males tend to express this particular fashion more than anyone else.

Personally, I just think it's daft. But then I'm not planning on going to Virginia any time soon. If I go, I'll remember to pack my low-rider underwear too. They haven't outlawed builder's bum yet, and I think that is a suitable loophole.

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