Monday, June 06, 2005

6 June 2005: Shorts

Yes, I know I didn't blog last week. I've been busy, what with the AKT PhD conference to organise, the Fujitsu work, some IFD proposals on 'health of discipline' (what is an IFD, anyway?), some more Citeseer bits and pieces and some stuff I didn't really understand from Norway's equivalent of EPrints. Not forgetting the fact that at some point I really need to do some of my own research.

But fear not. If you thought my blog was bad, consider Ahmed's Blog, the diary of an Iraqi young man. Far from falling into any of the categories mentioned in my previous entry on Iraqi blogs, Ahmed seems to have simply realised that maybe blogging isn't for him. I hope he isn't disappointed that his is not my favrouite blog.

Incidentally, for a good fun puzzle and an answer that will make you groan, have a look at Maas's blog from Mosul. The puzzle is here, and the answer here. Made me smile to think that such things can be considered even in the midst of the situation Maas describes in her blog.

Now, back to the juggling act of my own work...

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