Tuesday, June 07, 2005

7 June 2005: Echoes

The BBC are today doing "One Day In Iraq", taking a look at daily life in Baghdad, Mosul, Basra et al., looking at the blogs of the ordinary people who live there.

BBC, that is so last month.

Meantime, IsraCast (via Slashdot) report that an Israeli inventor has figured out how to make underwater diving apparatus that extracts the air dissolved in water, thus allowing the diver to breathe. Apparently it's the same principle used by fish (yes, most fish are small, but sharks are large) and could provide enough air for your average diver to stay down without big oxygen tanks on their back. Perhaps it's the only bit of the Phantom Menace (relevant part of that link is right at the bottom of the page) that was slightly predictive and therefore better than slamming your head in a car door, the baseline Mark Kermode uses as a standard against which he measures the Star Wars prequels.

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Joy Braggs said...

I've not heard of these "Star Wars"