Wednesday, January 25, 2006

25 January 2006: Analysis

Selected comments on blogging from the AKT conference:

  • "50 million blogs and nothing on." (Nick)
  • "They're mostly trash." (Tom)
  • "Who cares?" (Nigel)
  • "Full of words, and I find that a bit of a turn off." (Steve)
  • "Can I have some coffee please?" (Hugh)

Six AKT folks admit to having blogs. Perhaps I'm the only one who includes AKT in the blog title. And what does my blog have to do with AKT? Very little.

To prove it: Plymouth Argyle beat Leicester one-nil last night and thus went above Saints. And isn't that more interesting than discussing the semanticity or otherwise of blogging? As if to prove my point, the discussion has now turned to Kropotkin and differing views of anarchism. If a room full of computer scientists would talk more enthusiastically about extreme left-wing political philosophy, then there must be something going on.

Blogging and the semantic web don't mix. I'd better close before I get lynched.

Spelling footnote: Blogger's spellcheck continues to not recognise 'blog', 'blogger' or any such words. It suggests replacing 'blogging' with 'flogging', profound statement with which most AKTors would seem to agree. The web should be about what we can sell (three words, Steve?) not what boring people say.

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