Monday, January 30, 2006

30 January 2006: Marathon

Worth taking a quick break from marking the Adventure Games and setting the lab sessions for next semester to quickly talk about the London Marathon.

As mentioned a few times recently on this blog, Kevin and myself have both been given confirmed places to run this year's event. Kevin's running for the Rose Road Association, and I'm raising money for the Children@Risk campaign being run by Steve Chalke's Oasis Trust. The event takes place on 23 April and should be a laugh. (For the first half hour, anyway.)

We're also awaiting confirmation that we'll be running the Hastings Half Marathon (rather hillier than the London event) on March 12, which should be a useful training tool as well as a good test of our mountaineering skills. Meantime, the training continues and the excitement grows.

Now, here's my ulterior motive for talking about the marathon: how would you like to help me raise the £2000 Oasis have asked me to raise? Have a look at the link to their website and the Children @ Risk project, see what you think. Then go to my fund-raising website and donate online: it's that easy. I only set the page up this morning (so currently there is no money in there!) but please take the time to have a look and donate a tenner to a worthwhile cause.

I mean, it's going to be worthwhile just to see the state of me after running 26.2 miles, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Stop Press! Sunderland unveil secret weapon to turn around their season. Introducing super Rory Delap!

Anonymous said...

Er, that was Spike btw. Can you get your mate TBL to sort out Google and all these Jagger updates? Causing no end of pain at work.

DuncMcRae said...

It's hilarious. Sadly we couldn't get a fee for Delap, but on the other hand we did get rid of him. The 'appreciation thread' on SaintsForever featured photographs of some tumbleweed, a donkey and a row of taxis. Best £4million we ever spent...