Thursday, February 23, 2006

23 February 2006: Broker

At 10.52 this morning, about an hour ago, a broker-to-broker deal on the London Stock exchange saw the transfer of just over 2.54 million shares in Southampton Leisure Holdings plc (parent company of Southampton Football Club) at a price of 50p per share. That's a little over 9% of the total number of shares on the club. Other trades (a few hundred here and there) were at 44p or so per share, so this price is substantially over-the-odds.

While broker-to-broker doesn't mean a sell as such, it means something is definitely afoot because (so say the knowledgeable people on SaintsForever) brokers don't do deals like this because they're bored.

Are the 'Magnificent Seven' about to ride into town? Will Rupert really be swung from the Itchen Bridge? One thing remains true: there is never a dull moment with Southampton FC.

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