Friday, February 24, 2006

24 February 2006: Wilde

The buyer is one Michael Wilde. A rich gentleman originally from Merseyside but who these days owns Merlion and Infinity Homes down here in the south, he has sponsored Saints in various capacities in recent years (shirt sponsorships, corporate box) and, according to phone calls he's had with Keith from SaintsForever, he's nothing to do with any consortium at all: he just fancied buying 9% of the club's shares yesterday at 6p over the odds.

Andrew Strode-Gibbons, leader of the more publicly-visible but (seemingly) much smaller consortium (the 'Magnificent Seven' are larger, more mysterious and rumoured by many not to even exist), contacted BBC Solent and said it was all linked in with his consortium, and the BBC duly reported this through the day, much to Keith's seeming annoyance as he had a denial right from the horse's mouth. The BBC later withdrew that link and the story now seems fairly set in place. Not ASG, not Mag 7, not any consortium. He just thinks the fans should have more ownership of the club. And he just happens to have bought a huge stake in the club at an 11% price premium right when there's a whole load of takeover speculation. And there's nothing more to it than that.

We'll see, won't we...


Anonymous said...

It struck me last night that Rupert is a bit like Dick Cheney, into hunting, never seen in the same place as G Dubya, hides in an underground lair.

now if only the two could meet, strike up a friendship and go on a hunting trip together - as best mates.

So many problems could be solved!


Anonymous said...

I was just thinking "Magnificent 7" >>
"guns" >>
"Bonanza" >>
"duck hunting" >>
"the unfortunate reality of being Dick Cheneys best mate" >>
"nobody wants to be Wooperts mate either" >>


nope... still rambling nonsense.


DuncMcRae said...

Clearly there is some connection. "From a secure, undisclosed location... Rupert Lowe, confidential!"
Hm, maybe Harry Shearer should do a quick episode...