Monday, June 05, 2006

5 June 2006: Wedding

The mail this morning contained a particular gem we'd been looking forward to. Gloria's sister, Frances Anne, had put together a musical montage based on the video footage from the wedding that we'd yet to see. Sadly we hadn't been able to get it in time for the 'blessing' service a couple of weeks ago (hence the slide show of stills advertised a couple of blogs ago) but now, for the first time, we present moving pictures from Paradise, Texas.

As before, please select your internet connection:

I'm thinking of doing a downloadable version if anyone would like that? Leave a comment below or drop us an email... you know the address...

Also: some wedding photos are now up for viewing. More to follow when we have the time - including honeymoon and blessing service pics - so keep checking back!

Special thanks to Frances Anne for preparing this movie and Jessie for the original wedding video footage.

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Rob E said...

very good, lots of effort went into that...