Friday, June 09, 2006

9 June 2006: Growing

At the wedding and the blessing services, we showed a DVD of photos of Gloria and I growing up, sourced from quite a wide variety of people! We've had a number of requests to see it again, so I've converted it to a the now-familiar Windows streaming video format, and you may click on the links below to view it! Please note, I didn't make a dial-up strength one this time becase the picture quality was so low it barely made it worth it. I'll put up more still photos ASAP for those with 56k modems!

Thanks to Dane Blankenship for putting this together for us. The music, incidentally, is 'The Rose' by Bette Midler. And to answer other queries, the music for the 'highlights photo' slideshow is 'My Savior, My God' by Aaron Shust; the music on the wedding video package is, in order, 'Pretty Woman' by Roy Orbison, 'How Great Thou Art', 'Be Thou My Vision' by Ginny Owens and 'If I Stand' by Rich Mullins.

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