Monday, July 10, 2006

10 July 2006: News

Gotta love Google News, especially their glorious impartiality regarding which newspaper report comes top of their search list. Just did a search for 'Zidane' to see what impact the head-butt is having (aside from the substantial impact it made on Materazzi's chest, of course) and it was somehow pleasing to see the top result was from The Hindustan Times from India, not my normal source for football info.

Of course, in the time it took me to write this blog, the results have changed: ABC Online from Australia are now the top story, a transcript of a radio interview with reporter Steve Marshall who begins all his sentences with either "well, look" or "yeah, look".

No, wait, it's changed again: it's now SuperSoccer from South Africa at the top, their story making very clear that Zidane got 'player of the tournament' because the votes were cast (1) by the media and (2) before he was sent off.

No, hang on, now the Hindustan Times is at the top again. No, now it's Bloomberg. No, it's the South Africans again. No, now it's The Times Of India. No...

Hm, I wonder how Google News decide which story comes top?

Postscript: Update from the legendary Blogger spell-check suggester: SuperSoccer should be replaced with SuperEgo, it suggests. Maybe it's smarter than we first thought...

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