Wednesday, July 05, 2006

5 July 2005: Brief

Naturally, Graham Hiley's article has been pulled from the Official Site.

The freedom of the press was brief, interesting and brief: the relevant SaintsForever thread covers the event as much as can be expected from a bunch of people who have no real idea why it was pulled. Best guess seems to be it broke a non-disclosure agreement between Rupert Lowe and the new board concerning raking over the old coals, so it had to come down. But in all honesty, nobody knows. The real question is: will we see another Hiley Controversial article? (Answer: yes, when the season starts and he's allowed to question things like goalkeeper selection).

In other developments, 4th July was great fun - we spent Independence Day in London (the one place in the world where you'd expect there to be no celebrations on such a day, apart possibly from Pyongyang), the highlight of which was the Duck Tour. I don't care if you don't like military vehicles and stupid tour commentaries: next time you're in London, do this!

Finally, a note from McDougal pointing out that this blog ends up in the strangest of places: 'Google Finance' has a page on Southampton Leisure Holdings plc and guess who's there as one of the top three blog sites related to it? Sheesh, when I started this it was supposed to be a diary about doing a PhD and now it's turned into a financial services heavyweight. Maybe I need to start talking about semiometrics a little more...

Postscript: Yet again Blogger's spellcheck astounds. Not sufficient that it continues to not recognise the word 'blog', it now refuses to recognise the name of its parent company, Google: apparently I should be using the word 'joggle' instead. Like that's a real word.

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