Sunday, May 06, 2007

6 May 2007: Playoffs

How about that, Saints are in the playoffs!

Holding off the might of Preston and Stoke to claim sixth place in the Championship and the final play-off berth, the final scale of the 4-1 home victory over relegated Southend actually belies the fact that the playoffs were looking shaky until the third and then fourth goals went in right at the end. Still, it's encouraging that they were able to do it, Leon Best proving that you don't actually need names like Rasiak and Skacel on the team sheet in order to score a bunch of goals.

It was interesting to listen to the game on Solent, who had reporters at all the other relevant games, butting in 'France Football'-style as required when anything happened. Partly because of the 'live' aspect it brought to the game, but also because of the unfeasibly high number of ex-Saints strikers playing in the other games: Brett Ormerod, Kevin Phillips (Bong), Ricardo Fuller and Dexter Blackstock all featured, to a greater or lesser extent, in the key games. Beattie and Crouch didn't, they're waiting upstairs in the Prem for when Saints return.

So roll on playoff semi-final first leg against Derby next Saturday. Anyone got a spare ticket or two?


Becky said...

And how about Argyle finishing the season with five wins on the bounce? I'm quite encouraged by that and, as long as Ollie brings in / ships out the right people in the summer, I think we could be pretty good next season.

P.S. You should join Facebook, there are various daft groups to join, including a goodly selection of Argyle ones.

DuncMcRae said...

Interesting thing about Argyle: they were the first club to claim a place in next year's Championship. They were the first team to be mathematically safe from both relegation and playoffs, and they did this before any club claimed promotion from League One or relegation from the Prem. Good ol' Argo - leading the way in mid-table obscurity.

Next season: I think a lot might depend on how Gosling develops. Doubt we'll get Sinclair back and Hayles won't be as good, neither Nalis (if he stays), as they're both older than me, and that's saying something these days.

Anyhoo, enough from me, I'm off to the playoffs... first time I've been to a non-Argyle playoff game...

Becky said...

I don't know ... you think about the state we were in with strikers etc. when Ollie arrived and we could have been screwed this season. I am very interested to see who he brings in. The only things I've heard so far are that Halmosi's been signed permanently and Capaldi's off.

Poor old Sinclair, gave him a cheer when he came on against Man U (only thing that could make me cheer either team in that match) and then the poor bugger went and did his metatarsal! I suppose at least it's the end of the season so he has plenty of time to get fit again, but still - that's a bit of a bastard thing to happen on your debut.

Sounds like Saints played well today ... still in with a shot, it seems at 2-1. Apparently the team who just misses out on automatic promotion has a terrible record of getting promoted through the play-offs, so you never know.