Tuesday, April 28, 2009

28 April 2009: Guernsey

More from the just-beyond-the-rumour-stage department...

Sky Sports News apparently reported earlier today that the front-runners for buying Saints are a property development consortium from Guernsey headed by a man named Quentin. It all sounds small enough that it may well be true. SSN are now no longer reporting the story but it has been 'stickied' on the Saints forum so it must be true...

The more regular rumour mill continues to report either two or three bids, all of which are/should be covered by NDAs (which therefore leads to doubt over the story on Sky Sports News), but one of which may emerge as new ownership for Saints sometime this week.

Additional rumour note: The name 'Souness' still does not seem to want to go away, although I remain doubtful on that one.

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