Tuesday, April 07, 2009

7 April 2009: Delay

Football League board just met to decide if Saints should be deducted ten points for going into administration and decided...

... that they won't make a decision yet. Instead they're going to have their people (Trevor Brooking and Brian Mawhinney presumably) perform a "forensic accountancy report" as a "matter of urgency", and then they'll make another decision.

Meantime the official news coming out of St Mary's has largely gone underground, with rumours abounding of Graeme Souness putting together a consortium that may or may not be linked with Dave Merrington's consortium, and nobody seems to know what happened to Barry Briefcase. There's also something about Rod Stewart and Gordon Strachan that nobody seems to believe.

Rupert, meanwhile, is doing a major round of media engagements today - why? Seemingly simply because he can: he is getting his face and voice over the airwaves to give "his side of the story" (summary: I didn't do it). He could use such opportunities to reach out to fans, but he seemingly isn't (ah well), and he could use such opportunities to drum up support if he were planning a consortium of his own, but seemingly he isn't (let's pray it continues that way). Nope, it's all about Rupert's ego, and that, after all, seems to have been the biggest problem all along.

Meantime here in Kokomo, Rob is busily documenting everything we're doing so that I won't have to.

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