Tuesday, October 06, 2009

6 October 2009: Perfect Gift

1 October is the busiest day of the book retail year, I've read. All the Christmas books come out, essentially all those big pointless hardback ones 'written' by celebrities that mainly contain glossy photos and aren't actually about anything.

But it was also the release date for the most anticipated award-winning romantic fiction debut novel of the year, and as the author is my sis, it's time to remind everyone that it's a perfect birthday, hallowe'en, Thanksgiving or Christmas gift, all for only £4.99 (or £5.99, depending on where you buy it). Locations to buy include Your Favourite Book Shop (if you're in the UK) or, of course, online.

Good webby places to look presently seem to involve Play.com and, to a lesser extent (because they're already out of stock) Amazon.co.uk. One place you probably want to avoid is the US Amazon site because (as shown above) the book has been rather substantially marked-up. I'm thinking of writing to the seller and asking whether this novel is a Fair Trade product and a good percentage of the tag price actually goes to the producer. Somehow I doubt it.

The best bit is that the shipping still costs $3.99. So that's how much delivery costs, the rest is just all about the price of the book...

If you're in the US, bookstores will order it if you give them the ISBN number (ISBN-10: 0755352939, ISBN-13: 978-0755352937) and if you have friends at a library, maybe you can pull a few strings?

Meantime I just read this morning that there will be new rules in the US for bloggers endorsing products before too long, stating there must be full disclosure of any connection to the product maker or any benefits received. Therefore I'll take advantage of the currently opaque rules and just openly state:



Spike said...

An absolute bargain at 27 cents per page.

Allie said...

Hot off the press -I can confirm that 1200 copies WILL be shipped to the publisher's distribution depot by 13TH OCTOBER. However, i also know there are over 600 pending orders at the depot so if you want one GET THE ORDER IN NOW and beat the rush - and the UK postal strike come to that. Allie xx

Allie said...

PS For $117 I'd be tempted to handwrite you your own personal copy