Monday, December 13, 2010

13 December 2010: Luna

This is kind of cool.

NPR (roughly the US equivalent of Radio 4) has on their website a blogger by the name of Robert Krulwich. He wrote a blog entry expressing a little surprise at learning that the moon pioneers, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, didn't venture very far at all from the lunar module on that first Apollo 11 visit to the moon. In fact, the area they covered was less than the size of a normal athletic field.

"Who knew?" he asked.

Neil Armstrong knew. After all, he was there. So he emailed in and enlightened the blogger as to why they didn't go far (not much time, not sure about the cooling devices in the space suits, very very busy), how he did on one occasion break the rules, and generally gave interesting insights into what they got up to and why, back in 1969.

You can read the article and the full email here on Krulwich's blog.

And all this after I got to see Neil Armstrong waving a flag at a Purdue college football game I went to just last month. Clearly my life and his are now heavily intertwined.

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