Wednesday, December 08, 2010

8 December 2010: Extension

High Court grants Argyle a 63-day extension despite Argyle only asking for 56 days. This leaves us with Feb 9th as the new D-Day. Possibly the bank account might be unfrozen now, so the players and staff can be paid.

Other notes include that the lack of payment means that Argyle are in breach of contract so any of the players can give two weeks notice at any point (in fact as I understand it, their lack of payment for two weeks effectively counts as notice, so they can leave at any point) but they have so far chosen not to.

And HMRC objected to the extension, of course, saying it's just a stalling tactic.

Which it is, but it gives Argyle time to breathe. And bring in Mr Ridsdale... get ready for a bumpy ride as the Riddler tries to get rich off the back of another failing football club.

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