Friday, March 18, 2011

17 March 2011: Nope

Administrator Brendan Guilfoyle hoped to announce a preferred bidder for Plymouth Argyle today. Or at least announce that there is a preferred bidder, even if the name wasn't revealed.

But of the four bids that came in on Monday, none have the money ready to take over. And the Administrator can't take on legal responsibility for paying the wages of the club with no means of paying the staff.

So today he asked the staff to sign contracts saying they wouldn't be paid for March and April, and if they couldn't sign the contracts, they had to leave today. Some did, some didn't. If enough don't, there'll be nobody to make Saturday's game go ahead.

The Administrator said he'd like the game on Saturday to go ahead, to show bidders that there's life in the old club yet. But as of right now, we're beyond the stated finish line and the 124-year-old club teeters on the brink of liquidation. And all for the greed of seven men who bet everything - including a 'model'-run middle-league club just five or six years ago - on a World Cup bid and some non-existent Japanese millions.

Negotiations continue, say the journalists. But right now, it looks pretty dark.

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