Tuesday, March 08, 2011

8 March 2011: Deadline

Minutes from a meeting between the Administrator of Plymouth Argyle and representative of various supporter groups have been placed on (the new-look) PASOTI.

Among other matters discussed were a variety of sensible and silly ways to get more money out of the fans, and the fact that the Youth Development Trust Charity (PAST&DT), set up to save Argyle from Dan MacCauley all those years ago, donated £300k to the club as a 'loan' a couple of weeks ago and, already, "it's gone". Roll on an investigation from the Charity Commission...

But the main thrust is this: if there's no buyer by 17 March, the plug will be pulled and Plymouth Argyle will be no more. The Administrator is currently working with no funds, and if nobody comes in to fund the administration (let alone the club) by that point, that will be it.

And what are the chances? No idea - it's very hard to tell, and from the Saints experience it would seem that we shouldn't know... any bidder who comes into the public domain is usually a charlatan. So from that point of view, it's good that nobody appears interested... right? Officially, three interested parties, and it will be at least Monday before a 'preferred bidder' is identified. OK, but Monday is the 14th. That is three days before the deadline.

I'll be in Louisiana next week as we visit the family down there. I may not be sleeping much Wednesday night.

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Kevin Sawers said...

Goodness me, things sound very bad in Plymouth-land. I hope something gets sorted.

And enjoy your trip dahn sahf (doh, wrong country), mate!