Monday, April 13, 2015

13 April 2015: Top Forty At Forty

So here's what it's all about.

I'm about to turn forty. The first birthday card arrived in the post last week and looking at it was a mild shock. Like I'd seen those cards in the shop, and even bought them for other people, but now they're for me. The 'You Are Forty!' cards are for me. And that means time for reflection. (Well, it means time for a nice cup of tea and a sit down, but you know what I mean).

People do this in different ways. Some sparky fellow named Kari Loya wrote a book called 'My Top 40 at 40: Making the first half count' in which he describes what a wonderful person he must be due to all the exciting experiences he's had in his first forty years. Billy Joel reflected on politicians, actors and events since the year of his birth and got a hit single out of it ("We Didn't Start The Fire"). I tried that same thing but didn't get very far, possibly because the UK since 1975 didn't match America of the 50s and 60s:

"Harold Wilson, Felicity Kendall, Common Market, Fawlty Towers..."

But it did occur to me that we each have our own experiences, so I started to think about putting together a series of charts - the top forty of different things in my opinion and experience, during my first forty years. Plenty of options for categories - top forty places been, things done, foods eaten, shows/films, sporting moments, TV/radio bloopers, Tour De France drug takers - the list goes on and on.

So for the next however long, and I don't know if it'll make it to a year, I'm going to attempt to resurrect this blog into something reflective and maybe thought-provoking too. Beginning with the natural first category for any Top Forty: the top forty music/songs.

And if you're interested, and you're probably not, I'm cross-posting at a new Blog site:

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