Thursday, April 23, 2015

31: Too Much Heaven - The Bee Gees

As with Rich Mullins, it would have been easy to really like the Bee Gees music but not have any one track in the top forty - were it not for this. Anything from Saturday Night Fever is good, early stuff less so (although Massachusettes stands out in any age) and 'You Win Again' was a worthy number-one track for them even as late as 1987.

But "Too Much Heaven" just stands out from the Bee Gees catalogue as something that you can listen to, any time, and smell the summer, even in the middle of a long winter. It's like breaking out the suncream or putting the clocks forward in January - it's something you can do to really lift the winter gloom and transport you somewhere much happier. I'm told there are actually nine layers (multitracked) of the three-part harmony, leading to a total of 27 voices in the recording. Add to that the horn section from the band Chicago and you have a rising, angelic-sounding song with just no darkness in it at all. It doesn't really GO anywhere, but the thing is that when you're on the beach, drinking coconut-based beverages and drifting off to sleep in your hammock, you don't WANT to be going anywhere. Round and round and up and down and ... mmm.

Can't go wrong at all. It will lift you wherever you are.

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