Monday, July 26, 2004

26 July 2004: Le Tour

Good to see Mr Lance winning his sixth Tour De France yesterday. Well, ok, let's be honest, I didn't actually see it: ITV, despite having the rights, decided not to show anything much of this year's Tour on UK network TV. I don't understand this: last year they had regular highlights and even live Sunday afternoon stages - the race up Alpe D'Huez was truly outstanding last year, and brought in plenty of viewers. This year they put it all onto ITV2. So I was left with the wonders of the internet - listening to the classic team of Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen in audio only from the (it has to be said, excellent) official Le Tour/OLN website. Maybe if they introduced Bob Roll and his 'Tour day France' to the UK audience, they'd get back on mainstream TV in no time.

So with that over, only a couple of test matches left and the baseball season into its second half, it's starting to seem like summer is almost over. Next thing you know the football season will be starting. And no doubt I'll be sent to Penn State Uni to coincide with one of Saints' home games. Talking of which, the Citeseer people are making quite a big show (on their own website, admittedly) of the fact that they've released, in OAI format, all the Dublin Core info plus the 'references' and 'is-referenced-by' data for all their records. I was greatly excited by this, but frankly a lot of it is just flat out wrong. In fact, the 'is-referenced-by' field data is so wrong as to be utterly useless (does paper number 99087 really reference every other paper in the database?! (No it doesn't). Must have been a bear to write it.) Makes me feel a little like Tony Bickford must have felt when he first got the Post Office Address File in his first attempt at making QuickAddress.

The difference is, I don't have a multi-million pound business waiting for me on the other side.

Finally, got the new Hillsong album ('For All You've Done') over the weekend: it's about the usual stuff for Hillsong (which is to say, pretty good and very sing-along-able), although not quite up to the standards of last year's 'Hope' album (which I still don't own, *sniff*). Most exciting was to see that Jonas from the London Hillsong congregation has co-authored one of the songs with Marty Sampson. I've only been a few times to the London Hillsong (I've been to the Sydney one more often, even taking the chicken pie into account), but have always been impressed by young Jonas and his songs! There's hope for us Brits yet, even if we didn't have even one entry in this year's Tour De France.

Maybe David Millar should try dodgy chicken pies instead of EPO.

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