Wednesday, July 28, 2004

28 July 2004: Sven

Bobby Williamson to be Next England Manager  

In a shock move designed to scare visting tourists, Plymouth Argyle and the Football Association today gave a joint statement in which they said that Plymouth Argyle manager, Bobby "Huggy" Williamson, would take over responsibilities for the England national team from the start of the new season.

Williamson, who only recently took over at Home Park following the departure of Paul 'Luggy' Sturrock to some other team, has shown the class and foreign-ness required for the top England post during his short stay in English football.

At a press conference, Williamson said he was keen to leave his mark on the english game. "Leave me alone, Duncan," he told reporters, "I'm eating ma mince and tatties."

Current incumbant of the England post, Sven 'Muggy' Goran-Eriksson, was unavailable for comment, although former England breast-carrier Paul 'Chubby' Gas-Coin said on Radio Five Live this morning that he "had heard Sven was good between the sheets".

The case continues.

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