Thursday, July 22, 2004

28 June 2004: Edinburgh

Off to Edinburgh today. The six-monthly AKT workshop takes place this week so we're all off to Bonny Scotland to sit in seminars and talk about knowledge technologies. Much the same as a normal week, except my 'Declaration of Arbroath' tee-shirt might get a better reception.

Just as the weather is turning nice again, too. It rained most of saturday, which was a shame for Matt and Becky's wedding, especially since the reception was held in a big tent in a field. Dry cleaning coming up for my suit, I think. Yesterday was a little better, although since I spent most of it being very lazy and watching baseball, I don't think I'm fully qualified to say. Braves came back from seven-nothing down to beat Doug's beloved Orioles eight-seven, which is quite astounding given how utterly dreadful the Braves have been this year. Andrew Jones and Russ Ortiz going to the White Sox, says the rumour machine. Yes, that'll solve our problems, give away two of the few remaining star names. Hang on to them too long and we may turn in to Leeds United. Or Real Madrid. How awful would that be?

But I digress. Still, a good relaxant is necessary before a workshop week. I'm feeling all tuned up, ready to go, keen to add my (hopefully now worth something) opinions to the discussions. It's a simple enough proposition, I'm learning. Just mention something that's popular on the Internet at the moment, add the word 'semantic' in front of it, and bingo, everyone thinks you're a genius. Semantic Google, mmm. Semantic cookies, fantastic. So what could I come up with, I wonder? Semantic web-cams? Semantic viruses?? Semantic hamster-dance is the best I've come up with so far.

Maybe I can find some Semantic Haggis while I'm in Edinburgh.

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