Wednesday, November 24, 2004

24 November 2004: 'Arry an' Jim

Couldn't let it pass without comment.

'Arry an' Jim today left Pompey, presumably to breathe some non-fishy air for a bit.

What was it we sang at the Pompey game a couple of weeks ago?

[To the tune of 'Tom Hark']:
'Arry an' Jim are getting the sack,
'Arry an' Jim are getting the sack!
(Lather, rinse and REPEAT!)

Is it part of 'arry's plan to take over Bournemouth? Personally I don't think so. Will we see 'Arry an' Jim at St Mary's? Nope.

Fully expect to see them re-installed at West Ham United before the end of the year.

This piece of idle speculation brought to you courtesy of blogger.

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