Tuesday, November 02, 2004

2 November 2004: All Souls Day

It's a Dell.

Despite the '0 Comments' at the back of my last blog, I received sufficient response from my various correspondents to figure out that Dell's current special offer should provide sufficient value and reliability to make the whole process worthwhile. I'd rather have got an IBM ("built like a tank" says Steve, the RDF Triple-guru of the AKT team) or a Sony ("Michael McDiego-McCastro has one of the newer tiny littlebaby sony laptops" says Doug, the Stellent CMS-guru late of QAS and Enfield Borough Council) but both were much higher prices for the same spec. So a Dell Inspiron 510m with a bigger screen and a bunch of additional extras it is. First thing I'll do with it? Stick Linux on there. I'm a total convert to the Church of Linus Torvalds. Except in the religious sense, of course, where I remain nicely protestant.

Linus Torvalds as Martin Luther? I expect someone else thought of it first.

Elsewhere in the world, the big elections in Uruguay were won by Tabare Vazquez, the centre-left candidate, who says he'll be restoring diplomatic ties with Cuba, which won't be pleasing whoever sneaks into the White House up in DC this week. Meantime Argentina, a country I continue to have tremendous affection for, still can't get past the economic collapse of three years ago: despite a high court decision to simply drop large chunks of the national debt (much to the annoyance of the general public who have lots all their savings), the US-based creditors who are owed most of the money have said "no, we're not accepting a 75% reduction in your debt, who do you think you are, Leeds United?" Fair enough, except the debts are unpayable, so they're not going to get their money anyway. But if the debt remains, even unpayable, the creditors can exert power over the Argentinian government, just like they do over so many third world countries.

Which just goes to show: it's not all about the money - it's really about the power that money brings.

One final thought: how on earth can anyone describe John Kerry as 'leftist' when he supports the Patriot Act? If that's leftist politics, it makes the UK's National Health Service look like pure anarcho-communal Socialism.

Bleddy Karl Marx.

Postscript: Salon.com did the Luther/Torvalds thing back in 2001. What do I know?

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Sarahbelle said...

With all the complaints I've been hearing these days from my fellow mid-westerners, I've been starting to wonder if we all shouldn't just pull out of Iraq and let them "duke it out," if you will. I've been pondering this idea because before the U.S. intervened the Iraqi's were crying for us - or someone - to help them oust Sadaam...so there's a response and now they can't wait to get us out! If the majority of the Iraqi public doesn't seem to care for Democracy sponsored by the U.S. then to heck with it and let them figure it out for themselves. And in thinking back to my studies of the Middle East in university, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they fell into civil war within a year of troops being pulled out.
As for the Patriot Act, I feel it's intentions should be more localized...as in the U.S. When Bush announced this "War on Terror," I, along with other collegues, wondered how in the world that was going to work! I mean..terror is an ideology and despite real-life ramifications, I think this "War on Terror" should be more focused on protecting our own country from the terrorists - not try to protect the world. Our troops are already spread too thin and now they are discussing re-enacting the draft!! I'm not trying to sound harsh, but I get tired of some countries crying for U.S. aid and then complain when we get there...and I'm sure other nations have experienced this as well. Granted I think in some, or most, situations, we, the U.S. should've and could've assessed the situation a little better in an attempt to not push our culture, standards, or beliefs on the country wherein we are residing or helping...but getting back to my main idea - I just think we would be better off these days to solely focus on our own national safety from "terror," and try putting the Patriot Act to work within our own borders in an attempt to keep terrorists out.
Time for me to get going now so I can go home and follow the election :)