Tuesday, January 13, 2009

13 January 2009: Fat

Nick wisely asks whether lard would not have been a healthier option than shortening. The answer is "probably, but sometimes it depends what we have in the cupboard" and sadly there was no lard in sight, and we haven't yet made it ourselves.

However, news reaches us from Salisbury that nephew Matt, continuing his tradition of taking things a little more literally than the rest of us, has started occasionally having a new side dish for school dinners. As our correspondent puts it:

"Matt has 'fat wedges' at school which are obviously potato but he thought they were literally wedges of fat. Yurg. Has Jamie Oliver done nothing to raise the health level of school dinners?"

Frankly it makes the deep fried bacon thing seem a good idea.

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Anonymous said...

On the advice of a trustworthy Mexican (the father of one of Alex's friends from nursery), I picked up a couple of books on Mexican cuisine to supplement the ones I had.

I've already had friends tell me that I'm a bit hardcore (for making mole paste from scratch), but even I'd baulk at rendering my own pig fat. Which is a shame, because the new cookbooks wax lyrical on the joy of the little crunchy bits of ex-pig that collect at the bottom of the rendering vat...