Tuesday, January 27, 2009

27 January 2009: You Wotte?

McDougal mentions it doesn't seem long ago we were sat in Clapham watching Saints lose the cup final and Claus somehow not get sent off in the first minute, and he asks what is there about the current Saints team that's different and distinctive, what gives us character?

That team from six years ago had two characteristics in particular - Bridge/Marsden combo on the left, either of whom would cross it in for fatboy to head home, which he did that season with astounding regularity (remember watching it more than once in New Zealand at 4am Sunday mornings); secondly Rory Delap's long throws, which were classed as lower-division rubbish but which we now long for. (As we are now lower-division rubbish). The only thing defining the team now is the financial crisis and Rupert the Bear-with-very-little-brain.

Latest is that Leon Crouch was there last Friday offering a deal that would "get rid of our overdraft" and saying "I wanted to put my money where my mouth was" but Lowe/Wilde said "nah, we're doing ok I think, let's appoint Wotte as manager." Story published today in the oh-so-reliable Daily Echo.

It's sad and scary all at the same time to think about it, but there's no denying: the whole thing could just all come tumbling down at any moment. The fact that the major creditor on the stadium is Barclays doesn't help.

Plan is to take nephew Matt to his first league game on Easter Monday - Saints v Palace. At this rate it'll be an empty stadium, hateful chants against the chairman and a Saints team (made up of people little older than Matt probably) being thrashed 5-0 by the Palace reserves. Matt last weekend went to see Salisbury narrowly lose to Stevenage, and frankly he might do as well to assign his loyalties to the Spire Boys.

Won't be too long before Saints go flying past them on the way down to oblivion.


Anonymous said...

Ahh yes, Chris 'better than Pele' Marsden.

we had a decent keeper then too, Niemi... wasn't he out for the Final though or had some sort of injury? oh anyway, I remember they picked Chris Baird for his first full start in that game, what a way to begin!?

I'd forgotten Lundekvam's comical "tackle" on Henry, could be that he was confused by the stadium, maybe thought he was turning out for Wales in the 6 Nations? (only he's better at tackling than them) I seem to remember Henry almost laughing when nothing was given.

on another note Helen wants gloria's biscuit/cookie recipe, its taken me ages to remember to mention that.


Becky said...

Ooh, you're back in the UK over Easter?

DuncMcRae said...

Yes, albeit briefly... fly in Good Friday about lunchtime. The tentative schedule gives us the Saints-Palace game on Easter Monday, possible as many as three days in Devon (which may or may not coincide with the Argyle-Doncaster game - a relegation dogfight possibly...) and, just conceivably, a small trip to Bonny Scotland to see the McRae castle Eilean Donan.

Although if today is anything to go by, we'll be stuck under a foot of snow and won't be able to get out of Indiana.

wjlanesr said...

Give my best to family when you go to Devon. Stay warm!

Jeff and Julie