Wednesday, January 07, 2009

6 January 2008: Scrubs

Season 8 of Scrubs began on ABC tonight.

Watched two back-to-back episodes. Laughed only when Neil Flynn (Janitor) was on screen, although it was a surprise when he was fired by that one out of Friends.

Kind of sad, because it looks the same, the funny sounds between scenes are the same, the actors are the same. But it's rather like Asterix after Goscinny died: same characters, but kind of like they all had amnesia about how they used to be. Even Doctor Cox isn't funny any more. Ted the lawyer remains worth the money, but really... the story progression isn't there, the character progression is soap-ish, even if you view it as a series of stand-alone sketches it fails because they're flat-out not funny. (Hint: end of second episode - shot of rooftop toilet would have been nice touch).

Hold on, I hear you say.

(Go on, say it.)

You continue: isn't that the case with almost everything called 'comedy' on TV these days?

Yes. But the problem is this: Scrubs used to be better. It used to be really, really good - funny and poignant all at the same time, and instantly able to switch from one to the other. It used to have episodes like that one where it began with the statistic "one in three patients entering the hospital die", followed three patients through and at the end, they all died. (OK, it was good when they did it in the show). Or the TCW one. Or that one with Jill Tracy singing "Waiting for my real life to begin" at the end. Or the one where Jordan's brother dies. Or... well, you get the point.

So, this will be the final season. And, sorry to say, it's probably already gone on too long. Just give the Janitor a load more screen time, ok?

Postscript: Was that really an out-take they showed during the closing credits? Wow. Taking the best ideas out of Rush Hour III, huh?

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Rob said...

Could not agree more! The second episode almost hit poignant with Turk, JD and the old man... but it's a shadow of it's former self. The characters all seem tired.. it's as if they are running out of steam.. no Perry rants.. no Jordan confrontations.. no nosey Carla.. as Dunc says, the Janitor and Ted had the only decent scenes.